November 15, 2015


Personal Statement from Adam Nelson

I was 9 years old when I watched the 1984 LA Olympic Games.  It was the first summer games that I can remember.  There was a lot of excitement about those games, because they were in the US.  Because the US government had boycotted the 1980 Olympics, this was the first time American athletes were going to go head to head against our communist counterparts.  National pride swelled as I watched my Olympic heroes compete on the greatest athletic stage in the world.  We cheered for great performances in sports we knew little about:  Track and Field, Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, and Others.  And we were rewarded with some of the most memorable moments in all of sports history.

As amazing as the Olympic Games were then and are today, the journey of Olympic hopeful starts as an experiment.  You are introduced to a new sport.  You give it a try.  And if you experience success or the right kind of failure, you continue seeking better and better performances.  If you meet the right people, receive the right guidance, you can accelerate your progress.  And that’s why I started, as a guide in your Olympic journey.  You don’t have to do this alone.


1.  Our People.  Adam has worked with strength and conditioning professionals, nutritionist, and coaches from around the world.  Over nearly 30 years of organized strength training, he won state championships, national championships, Junior World Championships, World Championships and the Olympic Games.  Throughout his competitive career he continually expanded his knowledge base and continued applying new lessons to his existing training plans continuing to produce world class results.

2.  Our Programming.  We design every training program after a thorough assessment.  This assessment first identifies your current condition – strength, fitness, and technical proficiency, then matches you to the program that fits your needs.  You will be matched with a coach or work with Adam directly through email, phone calls, or video coaching.  Where else can you get a gold medalist working for you to help you achieve your goals?

3.  Our Commitment.  Gold Medals may be awarded to the individual, but it takes a team to get you there.  We want to be your team and we’re committed to help you every step along the way.


Our current programs focus on strength and power development for throwers in the Track and Field. So if you’re an athlete – youth, open, or master’s – competing in the shot put and discus, we’ve got a program for you.  As we grow, we will add other gold medal coaches from other events to satisfy your needs.  In the meantime if you’re serious about throwing, sign up today for the GoldMedalStrong News Letter.