Gold Medal Secrets: Genetics vs Persistance

I’m often amazed at the amount of physical talent go unrecognized each day.  Athletes of all shapes and sizes that have every tool necessary to shatter mediocrity, yet something prevents them from ever recognizing their own ability.  Sometimes there are very real reasons that impede progress, but mostly there are a lot of excuses.

The Power of a Coach

I’ve had the good fortune of training with a lot of great coaches, though none of them would ever consider themselves great.  My college track coach, Carl Wallin, is no exception.  I didn’t always make it easy for him, as I can’t remember all the “closed door sessions” we had in what must have seemed Read more about The Power of a Coach[…]

Stand Throw

Developing the High School Thrower

I received a great question on the Facebook page: Knowing what you know now. What would you have done differently as a high school thrower? ]Thanks Adam Payne for the question.  Really there are three things: Implement a true in-season, total body program. Adjust my practice schedule to shorter throwing sessions with more drill work Read more about Developing the High School Thrower[…]

Gold Medal

Three Principles for Gold Medal Performances

Early in my training career I used to confuse time and effort with productivity.  Every training session would last hours.  Every set would extend well into the double digits.  Every workout concluded in a sweaty mess sometimes crawling out of the weight room.  For those that have heard me speak or read my book you will Read more about Three Principles for Gold Medal Performances[…]