Trap Bar Deadlift

Strength or Power?

Ahh….The age old dilemma of lifting for maximum strength or maximum power?  Usually, this decision is made for you by your coach or your social group.  We – as people – gravitate towards those subjects we know best.  While there are more efficient ways to train, trust me when I say there is no wrong Read more about Strength or Power?[…]

Good to Great

Training Journal: 11.24.2015

Today, I will warm-up with my recovery lift routine followed by my throwing. I want to build on my throwing workouts each practice and sometimes that’s hard when you’re outside and dealing with the cold. The main thing is to set realistic goals. On a cold day like today, I’m going to focus more on range throwing. I’d like to set an anchor at 20m. If my body (or technique) isn’t cooperating, I’ll probably shut it down pretty quickly.