The Power of a Coach

I’ve had the good fortune of training with a lot of great coaches, though none of them would ever consider themselves great.  My college track coach, Carl Wallin, is no exception.  I didn’t always make it easy for him, as I can’t remember all the “closed door sessions” we had in what must have seemed like futile attempts to lead a lost sheep.  Yet, he never gave up on me.  He saw the potential and always found ways to bring it to the surface.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the NSCA Coaches Conference – a group of highly educated motivators that only see success in the victories of others.  This is a clip from that speech I’d like to share that details the story of what happens when you convert dreams into reality.  It’s about a coach who made me a faithful believer in his word by showing me how powerful the human body and spirit can be.

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