Training Journal: 11.24.2015

Full ThrowIt’s another cold morning here in GMS HQ.  Winter is finally here and my body seems to recognize that.  That’s the one thing about aging that I notice:  my body is more susceptible to changes in the weather.  Last week, I felt tightness in my right hip flexor.  That pain migrated into my right hip near the SI joint.  Yesterday, it referred into my lumbar spine.  Oof.  The good news is it seems to feel better after I warm up.  Which reminds me.  Do you warm-up properly?  You can learn a proper warm-up from Tony Gentilcore here:

Today, I will warm-up with my recovery lift routine followed by my throwing.  I want to build on my throwing workouts each practice and sometimes that’s hard when you’re outside and dealing with the cold.  The main thing is to set realistic goals.  On a cold day like today, I’m going to focus more on range throwing.  I’d like to set an anchor at 20m.  If my body (or technique isn’t cooperating, I’ll probably shut it down pretty quickly.


Stand Throws Non-Reverse:  6 Throws, Closer to 16+ meters.

Stand Throws w Reverse:  3 or 4, 17+ meters.  My muscle memory is pretty well established after 28 years of throwing.  Even after yesterday’s heavy lifting and sore back, I felt very poppy today.  I made sure to do a complete warm-up prior to starting the session.  It helped a lot, but it wasn’t until I started my stand throws with reverses that I felt good.

To see my stand throws click here:

Full Throws:  6 warm-ups, 6 range throws.  The warm-ups were stiff and lacked any real fluidity.  If I’m stiff, I tend to have balance issues.  Once I transitioned to the full throws I was able to hit my anchor of 20m or farther with each throw.  My best throw was almost 21m.

I posted my last full throw here.

On balance it was good session.  I’ll keep working on my overall rhythm.


Lifting session today repeated my kettlebell doubled my kettlebell warm up.  If you’re interested in a real lifting program, you can sign up here:


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